Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis
Licensed NLP Change Master
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Florida)
Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis (Florida)

Special Designations, Certfications & Licensure

Qualified Teacher Of Hypnosis (State Of Florida)
National Certified Counselor, NCC (NBCC)
Master Addictions Counselor, MAC (NBCC)
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC (MH2221 - State of Florida)
Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Master Trainer (ACHMT - International Society of NeuroTechnics™)
Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ in Hypnosis (Society of NLP™)
Licensed NLP Change Master™ - First-Ever & Only (Designated by Richard Bandler, Society of NLP™)
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP & DHE™ Specialist Level 9 (Society of NLP™)
National Board Certified Fellow Clinical Hypnosis (NBCFCH)

ExecuLearn® Services by Elvis Lester

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Elvis' Bio

Elvis Lester is owner & President of ExecuLearn®, a company providing modeling, training, coaching, counseling & hypnotherapy services for personal enhancement, performance improvement & maximum achievement. Elvis is an internationally renowned Changeworker & Professional Speaker, the "First-Ever" Licensed Master Trainer & Licensed Change Master™ (Society of NLP - awarded by Dr.Richard Bandler) & Master Practitioner of the communication and peak performance technologies of NLP™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & his own models, NeuroTechnics™ and Neurocise®. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor & National Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnosis who holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Education (University of South FL) & a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of FL).

Elvis assists organizations, corporations, employees, couples & individuals in modeling knowledge, skill & technics for high-performance & designing/implementing best operating states, strategies, skills (practices) enabling them to reach maximum effectiveness & achievement both personally & professionally. Elvis also co-owns and operates ExecuSearch USA, an international personnel recruiting company, with his wife Donna Lester, BSN, MSBM, President. Together they "find & refine" industry leading talent.

Elvis has invested 30+ years studying human behavior & experience & mastering multiple areas of expertise, including – Sales, service, marketing, leadership & communication excellence, interpersonal effectiveness, Accelerated Learning & Modeling, influence, persuasion, motivation, Optimum Performance and Success Conditioning including NLP and Hypnosis. He has modeled & studied with the best master trainers, master therapists, coaches & hypnotists known around the world for mastery of NLP, General Semantics, Hypnosis, Strategic Leadership/Coaching & Modeling.

His extensive training & experience working with thousands of individuals, couples, families, companies & organizations has culminated in the creation, development & delivery of highly effective & successful modeling, training & coaching programs, as well as products & services for Personal & Professional Leadership/Development, Maximum Achievement & optimum balance.

Elvis is available for speaking engagements, intensive ExecuLearn® Trainings & coaching on Modeling, High-Performance, Motivation, Persuasion & Influence, NLP™ & Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning, Training & Motivation, Public Speaking, Psycho-Logical Intelligence (PsyQ™) & InSpiring Leadership. He provides ExecuLearn® Trainings, ExecuSkills™ groups to the public for executive, leadership & performance improvement & to international audiences via Webinars, Livestream & On-Demand products. Elvis also operates a successful private practice where he offers modeling, coaching, counseling & hypnotherapy services & produces audio/video programs in his MindFirst™ Studios. He is a ‘netentrepreneur’ & an avid webmaster/publisher of multiple websites.

Elvis is Past President of Suncoast Mental Health Counselors (SMHCA), Past President(2012-2013) for FMHCA (Florida Mental Health Counselors Association), Past-President for the Suncoast Florida Chapter of ASTD, American Society of Training and Development. He was the Charter President of TBISPI, Tampa Bay Chapter of ISPI. He has also served as VP of Public Relations & Community Affairs for ASTD & VP of Marketing/Sales for TBISPI & Chair for ISPI (International) Marketing/Sales Committee. He is a past member of the International Society for Performance Improvement, ISPI, ASTD & SHRM.

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Share with others ExecuLearn and Elvis Lester Introduction to Website and Elvis' Background (.pdf)

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