NEWS: Neurocise®, Hypnosis & NLP Courses are Approved By:

STATE OF FLORIDA (Continuing Education Provider via DMQA)

  • 491 Board (DMQA) - Licensed Professionals - LMHC, LMFT, LCSW
  • FBON (Florida Board of Nursing) - Registered Nurses & Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
  • 490 Board - Licensed Psychologists & Limited Licensed Psychologists

Receive CE credit for seminars you attend with Elvis Lester - CE Broker # - 50-1190 - Exp. 3/31/2021

This includes Live Webinars AND "Anytime Courses" - Attend a Webinar & earn Continuing Education credits now. You can also take a course online & earn CEUs at any convenient time for you.

Elvis Lester is a "Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis" (DMQA). Choose your training provider wisely. If you are licensed by the State of Florida - your teacher must be a continuing education provider (of hypnosis) for your hours to be counted towards mandatory 50 hours of education in hypnosis. Elvis Lester is approved as a Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis & CE provider by the above boards to provide training for licensed professionals in the State of Florida. These continuing education courses are eligible for reciprocal approval in other states as well.

You can receive your hypnosis ertification with Elvis Lester as a Clincial Hypnosis Practitioner (CHP) & Performance Hypnosis Practitioner (PHP) through the International Society of NeuroTechnics™. ISNT

ExecuLearn® is an approved training provider through NBCCH (National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists) More information is provided on continuing education provided at the bottom of this page.

Elvis Lester's 2019-2020 TRAINING Schedule


All LIVE Trainings are held at the Neurocise® Studios!
600 S. Magnolia Ave., Ste. 160, Tampa, FL 33606

We are open to hosting trainings Off-Site with Sponsors/Promoters! Call 813-221-5466 for more information about you can host a Continuing Education Training.




2 Days of Eye Movement Emergence Reemergence & Guided Expression™ - Introducing EyePointing™ & NeuroPointing™

No Prerequisite for this training.


Regular Price: $395

Dates:October 12-13, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
2-Day (15.0 CE Clock Hours)

TIME: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.

Come learn about how you can utilize tried & proven eye movement patterning & eye scanning to make lasting and profound changes perceptually, conceptually and emotionally. Here we will work directly with how you access information & memories, & how you create representations internally. These skills will allow you to transform the way you sense & perceive how you think & feel mentally, emotionally & physically. In this workshop you will be doing trance & experiential exercises & you will leave with a system to gain more mental & emotional state control & run your brain with more elegance & mastery of your own internal processes.


Email us at EMERGE Brochure to get the most recent flyer describing the training.



Prerequisite - None

3 Days (22.5 CE Clock Hours)

REGISTER NOW FOR SEMINAR - Discount Price $595

Regular Price: $795

Dates:November 1-3 2019 (Friday - Sunday)

TIME: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Focus: Deep integration of Neurocise®, NLP & Hypnosis for powerful "Change & Trance" - Psychotherapeutic & Hypnotherapeutic Applications. Models introduced & taught:

EMERGE- Eye Movement Emergence Reemergence & Guided Expression
EyePointing™ & NeuroPointing™

Psygiene, NeuroTrance™, Brain-Bridging™ & Psynergetics™

Practicum Supervision & Continued Skill Development Psychotherapeutic & Hypnotherapeutic Applications

Call 813-221-5466 to get your application.

ARTICLE: What is Neurocise? - Article (pdf download)

AUDIO Download: Neurocise Success MindFirst (.mp3)


No Prerequisite for this training. REGISTER NOW!!!

2 Hour Trance Experience- Price $10

Date:Dates to be Announced, 2019 (Thursday)
(2.0 CE Clock Hours)

TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.

Come join Elvis at the Neurocise® Studio in Tampa, FL& experience "Evolutions™ - Steps to Paradise". Learn how you can do *Self-Hypnosis to enhance your mental-emotional states for more richness, more pleasure & experience "Paradise Within". All of us do "trance states" a bit differently & unique to them. Elvis will introduce you to some powerful hypnotic experiences & convince you that you ought to learn more about how to relax deeply & add the pleasure of trance to your daily life for more "peace of mind".


Prerequisite - Certifitied Neurocise Practitioner Training

3 Days (22.5 CE Clock Hours) - By Invitation Only

Regular Price: $795

Dates:February 21-23, 2020 (Friday - Sunday)

TIME: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Focus: Master Practitioner Applications - Topic & "Problem Specific"

By Invitation Only. Call 813-221-5466 to get your application.


No Prerequisite for this training. REGISTER NOW!!!

1/2 DAY SEMINAR - Price $69


Date:Dates to be Announced, 2019 (Friday)

1/2 Day (4.0 CE Clock Hours)

TIME: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Call for more information 813-221-5466!


ChangeMastery™ Practicum SuperVision

9 Days (50 CE Clock Hours) - Admittance into this training is By Invitation Only. Contact us for your Application!

Prerequisite: Licensed Practitioner of NLP In Hypnosis

Discount Price $1800
Regular Price: $2400


DDay 1-2: January 25-26, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday)

Day 3-4:March 7-8, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday)

Day 5-7: April 3-5, 2020 (Friday-Sunday)

Day 8-9:May 2-3, 2020

TIME: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Earn Your Master Practitioner (CHMP) or Performance Hypnosis Master Practitioner (PHMP) designation

Ericksonian Focus with NLP & Design Solution Hypnosis™,
Precision Performance Patterning, NLP Models including Milton Modeling & Meta-Questioning Techniques - Meta Modeling, The Power of Presuppositions & Metaphors, NLP Techniques to address Trauma/Abuse/Past History, Compulsion, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction... much more!


Click here for detailed information on this course (Via LeadPages)

Days (70 CE Clock Hours)

No Prerequisite for this training.

Click here to Register - Price: $2400


Module 1: TBA (Friday - Sunday)

Module 2:TBA (Friday - Sunday)

Module 1:TBA (Friday - Sunday)

TIME: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.  


NLP In Hypnosis Flyer - Download

NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® Application Modules - Advanced Trainings-

Stress, Acute Stress Disorder, Anxiety & Depression - Module 1

Compulsion, Addiction & +Habit-Forming, - Module 2

Trauma, Abuse, PTSD, Memory & Secondary Stress Disorder - Module 3

SIdentity Level Issues, Self-Evaluation & Self-Relations - Module 4

Dissociation, Somatization & Pain Management & Emobodiment - Module 5

Prerequisite: Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ in Hypnosis

3 Day Advanced Training (22.5 CE Clock Hours)

Dates to be Announced (Friday - Sunday)

Time; 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM (Coffee & Breakfast Snacks served)

Discount Price: $695
Regular Price: $ 795

Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.

All trainings are conducted by Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, ACHMT & are located at the Neurocise® Studio 600 S. Magnolia Ave., Suite 160, Tampa, FL.

Elvis is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis (Society of NLP) & an Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Master Trainer (ISNT). He has trained with the Milton Erickson Institute & ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced) levels. He will masterfully immerse you into Milton Erickson's methods & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as applied in Hypnosis (trance). His approach to designing & building trance is decidedly "Designing Solutions". This course focuses on achieving systematic results with both Hypnosis & NLP.

All trainings listed below are conducted by Elvis Lester personally unless otherwise indicated. Contact Elvis & discuss your interest in the programs. He will contact you within 24 hours (if not sooner) to personally handle your training registration, answer any questions you may have about fit & function & how to tailor your experience for maximum achievement! Come train at ExecuLearn® with Elvis & learn from his experience & model he has created mixing & blending the wonderful skills of hypnosis, NLP & DHE™ (Design Human Engineering™) as well as his own models of NeuroTechnics™, Neurocise® & Identity-Spinning™.

Elvis is the "One & Only" Licensed Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis™ & Licensed NLP Change Master™ (Designated by Dr. Richard Bandler & the Society of NLP). With his wealth of knowledge & background in mental health, performance improvement & persuasion & motivation Elvis will inspire you to not only learn but to apply what you know & maximize your achievement & personal freedom. More choice + skills leads you to higher excellence & strikes your commitment to your various pathways to mastery.



NLP In Hypnosis Meetups - Monthly Meetings - RSVP via

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Neurocise
® Studio - 600 S. Magnolia Ave., Ste. 160, Tampa, FL

Come Exercise Your Mind & Train Your Brain with Elvis for more passion, presence, power, poise & pleasure.

Training-Technics-Trance-Transformation to Change Your Mind & Life!

Click here to join our NLP & Hypnosis Meetup
RSVP for the Next NLP & Hypnosis Meetup


Come join Elvis at the Neurocise® Studio in Tampa, FL& experience "Evolutions™ - Steps to Paradise". Learn how you can do *Self-Hypnosis to enhance your mental-emotional states for more richness, more pleasure & experience "Paradise Within". All of us do "trance states" a bit differently & unique to them. Elvis will introduce you to some powerful hypnotic experiences & convince you that you ought to learn more about how to relax deeply & add the pleasure of trance to your daily life for more "peace of mind".

Or Call Elvis at 813-221-5466. Email to RSVP now.


Online Events hosted by Elvis Lester
Webinars, LiveStreaming, Meetings, On-Demand Video & Audios by Elvis Lester

Earn Continuing education hours for LMHC, LCSW, LMFT, Nurses and Licensed Psychologists.

Information coming soon about our Zoom Meeting Room Online, Vimeo Livestreaming & Facebook, YouTube Streaming opportunities to learn with Elvis Lester via Online & view Upcoming Events you can participate in right now. Join us for one of our webinars, NLP Open Mic & Q & A Discussions as well as upcoming courses that are cutting-edge NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® related, ExecuSkills™ Intros & more!. You will be glad you did!

Attend an NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® event & become more conversant in the powerful technics of these models. Exercises & discussion, presentation & guided hypnotic experiments. Question & Answer sessions, Open Mic & much more. Webinars are held on Monday evenings.. We sometimes do them earlier in the day for European participants. Email me if you are interested & not in the USA.

We have a great line-up of live trainings including (click links to register for the individual course):

Conversational Trance & Changework
Pattern Interrupts & Precision Patterning of Desired Responses
NLP Live – Open Mic & Q & A with Elvis – What’s On Your Mind?!
NLP Spare Change – Intro to Changework & Trancework
Taking Care of Trance™
Stress-Release – Let Go Relax Now for MindPeace™
Get FIRED UP™ – Take Care of Business
Go First MindFirst™ with Neurocise®
Win Within™ – PsyPerformance™
From Erickson to Bandler & How I Did It My Way

You can learn in a trance to do new things in new
ways.Richard Bandler

CEU approved Webinars - Training for professional counselors or students/interns in a Masters or higher level program. Continuing Education Units will be provided.


Neurocise® & Psygienics™
Patterns of Propulsion & Persuasion™
Complete & Propulsive Communication™
Identity Spinning & Trance-Forming Identity™
Intro to Change & Trance™ - 3.0 CEUs (Mini-Series)
Intro to TranceMastery™ - 1.5 CEUs
Conversational Trance™ & NLP
Design Solution Therapy™ - 3.0 CEUs (Mini-Series)
Design Solution Coaching™ - 1.5 CEUs
Design Solution Sobriety™ - 3.0 CEUs (Mini-Series)
The Brief Therapies - 3.0 CEUs (Mini-Series)
Employee Assistance Programs for Success - 1.5 CEUs
Enriching Relationships & Enhance Your Romance - 3.0 CEUs (Mini-Series)

Call 813-221-5466 now for more details & request a Flyer on upcoming Webinar events.

Advanced Training For Trainers

Elvis conducts Advanced Trainings for Trainers at ExecuLearn® Studios with the focus on integrating Changework, Hypnosis & Neurocise™ into your training approach. You will learn many accelerated & advanced techniques. i.e. Identity-Spinning™, Mega-Stating™, Conversational Trance™ & Change & more. For more information contact Elvis at 813-221-5466 or email Elvis now.

Trainer's Trance Training™ - T3
Learn how to do Trance in Groups & From Stage & HONE your Skills for Metaphor, Storytelling, Trance Induction & Trance-Formational Change from Stage! Here you will practice & perfect your technic at influencing & entrancing participants utilizing the best of NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® - Elvis' own creations for change & trance-formation. 2.5 Day Course

URGE™ - Unleashing Recording Geniuses Everywhere!
That's Right! Learn how to Record Professionally using NLP, DHE & Hypnosis & Identity-Spinning™ to create the Identity & generate professional quality recordings in studio. Actual studio time & detailed information on the right equipment to suit your needs, specific technics to improve your voice, charisma & recording personas & presence. You will also have the opportunity to learn from our musician, Howard Helm, regarding recording options & creation & use of custom music.Coaching & mentoring with Elvis is by invitation. Contact him to discuss your interests. He will help co-create products in an instant. :>) Believe it!


Elvis has set up his new Neurocise® Studio - with complete audio & video recording equipment that is state-of-the-art. He will teach you how to make your own recordings, get yourself on livestreaming & doing online events. Join him in bringing your skills into the 21st century. :>)

Call for information about how ou can GET THE URGE & master techniques to promote & earn what you deserve.

Contact via email:

Call Elvis to make a time to speak about your interests - 813-221-5466.

Identity Compass® Consultant Training & Licensure

This 3 day training qualifies you as an Identity Compass® Consultant who is licensed to administer the Online Assessment of Thinking-Preferences (Meta-Programs) to individuals & companies.

3 Day IC Consultant Certification & Meta-Programs Mastery™ Training .

No Prerequisite for this course.

Identity Compass® Thinking-Preferences Inventory just for You!


For those who are seriously interested in becoming an IC Consultant or using the IC in recruiting or selection efforts, team building or employee development, we have an offer for you! You can now take the Identity Compass® yourself & experience its precision & power to identify areas of growth & strengths that you can now flex & extend at will. Just Email Elvis or call 813-221-5466 to get your IC online & Elvis will review the results with you asap. $500 value.

Contact or call 813-221-5466 for more information.

Society of NLP & Dr. Richard Bandler approved programs.

Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC is a Society approved Licensed Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis. Participants who complete Licensed Practitioner & Licensed Master Practitioner Programs are approved by Dr. Richard Bandler & the Society of NLP. Upon completion of the course & required competency testing you are potentially eligilbe to receive your license for the specific program you attended & completed. You will be registered with the Society of NLP officially & able to attend Society approved programs internationally towards completion of Licensed programs.

When you can’t relax you are about as out of control as you can get.
Richard Bandler

Continuing Education Credits, Providership & Information

FL Statutes & Rules Governing Approved Continuing Education Providers

ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is an approved provider of CEUs by:

State Of Florida - Division of Medical Quality Assurance - BAP#289 - CE Broker# - 50-1190 - Exp. 3/31/2021. Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists & Licensed Mental Health Counselors, LMHC, LMFT, LCSW. ExecuLearn is also a provider for the Florida Board of Nursing, Licensed Psychologists & Limited Licensed Psychologists (State of Florida 490 Board). Sessions (or programs) for which approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in the program bulletin or listing on the website. Courses meet the standards for approval of continuing education courses set forth in Rule 64B4-6.002, F.A.C, & is taught by qualified teacher of hypnosis as defined in Rule 64B4-7.003.


NBCCH ( ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is approved to provide Hypnotherapy training which qualifies toward the hours required by the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH, Inc.) for certification as a National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA maintains sole responsibility for the content & quality of training program.

Each course that is approved by the above agencies will be designated as such in the listing.

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