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Exercise your Executive Powers of Mind for High-Performance MindFirst &...
Take your performance to the next & higher level!

"Elvis Exercises Your Mind & Trains Your Brain with his ExecuSkills™ & NEUROCISE® Programs.

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The ExecuSkills™ Trainings, coaching and skills groups for corporate performance improvement and maximum achievement, leadership excellence and persuasion are "knowledge acquisition and application-based". They are context specific, custom tailored and modeled with your participants in mind so that "they serve your organization's identity, values and vision and intentions and exceed your expectations". Elvis models, designs and delivers content through advanced modeling and accelerated/integrative learning methods and technics (primarily exercise driven, meaning, Elvis doesn't just 'talk about it, he gets your people to do it - practice and apply the skills then and there) so that each participant's learning experience is highly focused, productive, pleasurable and memorable. 

Managers, Supervisors and Human Resource Professionals find the ExecuSkills™ Trainings and Skills Groups to be excellent employee development and skill building tools. Through consultation with participants/managers/leaders, personal and group Coaching and skill-building exercises, participants make specific targeted improvements in performance and thoroughly enjoy the learning experience all along the way. 

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Elvis' primary goal is to assist you, your employees and your business in identifying, developing and applying your "best operating states, strategies and skills" for higher satisfaction, productivity and profitability. 

For any leader or top performer to do their best, lead and inspire excellence in others they must "Go First" and learn to master a dynamic model of mind, emotion AND behavior that will not only inspire themselves and others to learn how to be their best but drive and motivate them to apply and do their best at all times. Yes, they must Go First! Lead by displaying excellence, modeling the necessary and essential elements of excellence and high performance themselves.

The ExecuSkills™ programs detailed below teach and train you how to personally and professionally "come from" your Best Operating States, Strategies and Skills for maximum achievement, raise your PsyQ (psycho-logical intelligences - one of which is emotional intelligence), productivity and pleasure at work and play. What you will learn will far surpass what you expected to get out of a seminar or training experience. What sets these trainings and coaching apart from others is that Elvis is decidedly focused on modeling, knowledge acquisition and real-life "application", on how you or your employees can immediately "put into action" what they learn. Through modeling, action-exercises and deliberate practice, you, your employees and organization will integrate and "own" the states, strategies and skills you require to succeed. That is Elvis' guarantee to you.

ExecuSkills™ Trainings are presented in 1/2 day, 1day or multi-day formats. They are always tailored to your company’s specific needs and outcomes to set a direction for success and high productivity in mind and realworld results.


All Programs (or combinations of programs) can be specifically designed and delivered at your place of business. We also record (audio and/or video) for your continued learning upon request. Elvis does In-House Training at your place of employment. Schedule an ExecuSkills™ Training or Introductory Talk at your Workplace Now! He would love to come to your workplace and provide an introductory talk to show you what he can do to inspire and educate your workforvce.

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To schedule a free Introductory Training or Modeling Session contact Elvis@execulearn.com with your email and phone number and he will contact you personally to discuss your interests in his programs and how he can be of benefit to you or your organization. Or call toll-free 1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466 and he will discuss your specific needs, detail the programs he offers, customize the costs and answer any question you may have regarding how his modeling trainings can maximize achievement for you or your organization. 

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Online hosted by Elvis Lester - Zoom - Vimeo Livestream - Facebook - YOUTUBE & More.


Join me for WEbinars on NLP, Hypnosis and Neurocise® and become more conversant in the powerful technics of these models. Exercises and discussion, presentation and guided hypnotic experiments. Question & Answer sessions, Open Mic and much more.

Elvis is delivering online training weekly just for you. We have a great line-up of live trainings including (click links to register for the individual course):

NLP Live – Open Mic & Q & A with Elvis – What’s On Your Mind?!
NLP Spare Change – Intro to Changework & Trancework
From Erickson to Bandler & How I Did It My Way
Patterns of Propulsion & Persuasion™
Complete & Propulsive Communication™
Conversational Trance™ & NLP
Stress-Release – Let Go Relax Now for MindPeace™
ChangeMastery™ & Trance-Forming Identity™
Taking Care of Trance™
Get FIRED UP™ – Take Care of Business
Neurocise™ & Psygienics™
Go First MindFirst™
Win Within™ – PsyPerformance™


Exercise your Executive Powers of Mind for High-Performance MindFirst and...
Take your performance to the next and higher level!

Ferocious Public Speaking and Presenting

Intentional & Complete Communication and Propulsive Conversation

Advanced Communication Skills using NLP and Advance Influence and Relationship Skills at Work and Play. Align your Communication with your Highest Intentions. Learn to Design and Deliver powerful "Meta-Messages" and Tailor and Deliver Your Message to Your Audience with Mastery and Skill for Maximum Results.

Visit our LEARN USA Web Store & Purchase the Intro Audio-Program of Effective & Complete Communication™

See the ECC Outline & Contents of Audio-Program

Sales & Service
Advanced Personal & Professional Persuasion & Influence 
Sales, Service & Sales Management, Marketing & Leadership 

ExecuSkills™ OPEN INVITE & WELCOME Letter - Click to Read info on the Courses we provide

The Power Of Rapport and Congruency with Self and Other

Advanced rapport and interpersonal communication skills for high-level persuasion and influence. Heightened sensory acuity, leadership and congruency abilities and more.

Spiral Sales & Service - Sales & Service Excellence MindFirst™

How to InSpire your buyers and provide exceptional service to your customers! Train your employees and leaders to "Get the service excellence orientation MindFirst!" How you can get your employees to SAY YES to your customers and deliver the quality of service your company aspires to each and every time you make contact with a customer.- Strategies to Answer Your Yearning for Exceptional Service!

FREE VIDEO: Great Sales & Service with NLP & Neurocise™
Great State for Sales & Service Presentation - PPT presentation (no audio)


Identity-Branding™ & iVIBES™ Modeling

Communicate Your Identity™, CYI

Click to View FREE ScreenCast of CYI by Elvis Lester

VIBE™ Marketing

Leadership & Management
Executive Excellence & Leadership Programs
Management, Officers, Supervisors & Leaders

InSpiring Excellence and Leadership MindFirst™

Essential leadership, team and coaching skills for employee inspiration, meaning, motivation and development. How to motivate self and others for peak performance MindFirst with emotional intelligence, state control and advanced influence and NLP skills. Create an attractive, satisfying, energetic and engaging workplace for employees. An environment where they will want to co-operate, contribute and collaborate.

Change Management, Conflict Resolution and Crisis Debriefings for Teams/Managers/Team Leaders/Employees/etc.

We do consultative and facilitated debriefings, expert-level change management and conflict resolution sessions at your workplace. You will find no better resource for these skills and expertise.

Advanced Skills to Defuse Conflict and Negotiate Agreement

Techniques for resolving conflict in the workplace with so-called 'troubled or difficult' customers and employees!

Go First! MindFirst!™
High-Performance Series

1 - 3 Day Trainings Scheduled In-House to improve Performance MindFirst. Elvis sequences the learnings in seminars for maximum impact and integration of skill. That is what he is about.

Go First MindFirst! SAY YES to High-Performance MindFirst! 

Learn how to become a Modeler and take action with more intentionality. Develop your own "model of mind" (a system) so that you can function with much more intentionality, awareness and skill in how you think-feel-evaluate (filter/process information) and communicate and relate. Increase your personal and organizational sensory acuity and attention-awareness skills and learn how to use more of "your psycho-logical intelligences" for increased self-awareness, intuition, presence and peace of mind. Raise Your PsyQ - Increase Your Psycho-Logical Intelligences.
"Bring Psycho-Logical Intelligence to work."

Launch The MIND™ Module and Access Your MIND Zone
Exercise your powers of mind-brain-body for High-Performance
"Your Mind Works Perfectly Fine, just giving you signs." What we call "DO CUES"!

Power Up! Go Straight to your BOSS!

Learn how you can improve your ability to identify, access and "come from" your Best Operating States, Strategies and Skills. Utilize advanced state control for more flexibility, motivation, commitment, confidence, optimism and more. Exercise and Increase your mental-emotional competencies and enhance your "PsyROI" (psycho-logical return on investment) for maximum achievement at work.
Get into Uptime States of Mind!

Enhance your "State Control" for more Passion, Presence, Power and Poise at work.
Build and Apply more powerful and productive States of Excellence for yourself and your employees.
Overcome and get rid of fear, worry, frustration and lack of focus and move on to what's most important...

Action, productivity, rewarding work, Peace Of Mind, etc.

Take Care of Business - Focus and Align Your Attention with Your Highest Intentions

How you can align your Identity, Values, Intentions and Beliefs, Expectations and States. Focus and concentrate your attention on what you really want! Learn how to Design Engineer Excellence MindFirst™ using the DEEM™ Model and Design Solution Modeling™ to Identify and achieve Desired State and Well-Formed Outcomes and conditions at work and DEEM It Into Being... MindFirst! \

"Model Excellence MindFirst!"
Achieve more Balance at work and play.
Get and Give "Good VIBES"
Lead, Live and Work by Design... with more Intention!

Get FIRED-UP to Take Maximum Action... Now!

InSpiration, motivation and High Performance through the power of focus and intention - How you can get more Focused, Intentional, Resourceful, Energized and Determined - Up and Present! Develop a propulsion system to achieve what you really want and the energy/action to make it happen NOW!

Mastery Thinking-Preferences and Styles

NLP Meta-Programs for high performance and maximum achievement. Learn how your mind and emotion filters and drives your behavior and the behavior of others. Utilizing the Identity Compass we will help you identify your thinking-preferences and learn how to shift and adjust/adapt them to fit your needs and Desired State Outcomes.

Shift and Master Perceptual Positions - Come from different Perspectives and "Points of View"

Learn how to take different and more productive mental-emotional perspectives and viewpoints so that you can enhance success, teamwork, co-operation, collaboration, etc. Shift to and through perceptual positions of self, other, onlooker/observer, system/organization, etc. and learn to 'read' the intentions, emotions and messages you (and others) send to self and other.

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