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Elvis Lester utilizes the Identity Compass® (IC) in his work in recruiting, candidate development and personal and professional coaching. Within moments of introduction to the results of the IC inventory, clients "find themselves in it" and begin an exploration process that helps them extend not only their understanding of themselves, but also who they are being, how they are behaving and what they can do to improve their communication and behavior, performance and relationships. The IC is a powerfully accurate tool at identifying how people think and uncovering potential for growth in the areas of perception, information processing (learning), motivation and relating.

Identity Compass® (IC) Inventory

The Identity Compass® is an innovative personnel selection tool which uses an inventory of "thinking structures and preferences" to register how people think and make decisions in typical work situations. It points out what motivates employees, what their values and career goals are, how well the work environment is functioning to postiviely impact performance, and gives clear guidance as to which employees are likely to perform best in which situations and how improvement can best be achieved.

The Identity Compass® helps you understand how candidates (and employees) will perform under stress, work in a team, how they perceive the work environment and how best to motivate them to succeed on the job and in their positions. This tool registers thinking-preferences, personal motivations, motivation factors, how people process and record information as well as personal assets (skill sets). From that, a multi-layered, precise, personal profile results that is used to improve employee selection, job fit, team development and ultimately better performance.

When desirable profiles are identified, the results can be evaluated in comparison to other employee or candidate profiles for the purpose of optimizing performance, worplace culture, team and job fit. Comparison of the profiles of a whole team can be made as well individual to individual. All results are graphically presented in a variety of views to show fine distinctions in thinking-preferences, values, motivations and points of intervention and improvement. The Identity Compass® is often used to create "All Star Teams" of employees that are highly likely to work well together. It is also used to optimize workplace dynamics leading to the creation of more optimal working environments for employees so that the workplace is one where they can thrive and feel at home.

Various international organizations have used the Identity Compass® for their position requirement profiles, job description development and placement. Use of the Identity Compass® has proven that job vacancies can be filled faster with more suitable employees rather than through other means. This is due to the ability to identify key success factor and to attract the right candidate for the right job in the first place.

Identity Compass® C-Level (Executive) Presentation (PowerPoint hosted by
C-Level Presentation For Executive Decision Makers.

Identity Compass® Brochure (pdf)
Download the IC Brochure-Flyer now for more detailed information on how the Identity Compass® can be a great benefit for you and your company.

Identity Compass® Description & Overview (pdf)
Detailed and extended description of the IC and its applications and uses.

The Identity Compass® is scientifically guided Dr David Scheffer who specializes in research on motives, Job Motivation and Values.

Identity Compass® Consultant Training & Licensure

This 3 day training qualifies you as an Identity Compass® Consultant who is licensed to administer the Online Assessment of Thinking-Preferences (Meta-Programs) to individuals and companies.

3 Day IC Consultant Certification & Meta-Programs Mastery™ Training

Identity Compass® Consultant Training - Call for dates!

No Prerequisite for this course.

Contact or call 813-221-5466 for more information.

FREE Offer - Identity Compass® Thinking-Preference Inventory just for You!

For those who are seriouly interested in becoming an IC Consultant or using the IC in recruiting or selection efforts, team building or employee development, we have an offer for you! You can now take the Identity Compass yourself and experience its precision and power to identify areas of growth and strengths that you can now flex and extend at will.

Just Email Elvis or call 813-221-5466 to get your IC online and Elvis will review the results with you asap. $500 value.

Identity Compass® Inventory & Consulting/Coaching

Once you take the online inventory, your results are immediately made available to your consultant or coach. With the IC, you now have a distinct point of reference from which to direct your consulting, coaching and/or training and ultimately your interventions. The IC empowers the consultant/coach to know how the client is thinking and perceiving, how they prefer to have information presented to them and how best to motivate them towards taking action to achieve Desired State Outcomes and goals. This increases the likelihood of success for coaching (or consulting/training) as you are starting from a map that is accurate and critical to establishing a pathway to mastery for your clients.

Consultants or coaches can easily create an online interview via the internet for clients, score and provide the inventory directly or share the results with clients in the next coaching or consulting session.


Identity Compass® Individual Inventory + Coaching with Elvis
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Identity Compass® Team Member Inventory + Coaching with Elvis
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