Where Elvis Comes Alive!

That's right folks! The MindFirst™ Studios is where Elvis is most creative and active in designing and developing his multivariate Trainings and multimedia programs. Coaching and Mentoring is often conducted from the M1st Studio as well via the Nerurocise Studio portal providing you the unique opportunity to webconference and video conference direclty with Elvis. This allows a powerful interface where Elvis can share with you presentations, documents, audio and video.

Elvis is highly technology friendly. His studio is equipped with the latest digital recording equipment, cutting-edge software and development tools, and all of his NLP, Hypnosis, Neurocise™ and most valued resources. Elvis produces all the MP3 & MP4s himself with the assistance of leading experts in the field. He uses specialized software and equipment to provide the highest quality of recordings for your viewing and listening pleasure.

That's Right! The MindFirst™ Studios is a high fidelity friendly, full digital Video and Audio recording studio. Elvis is in the Building, FIRED-UP and looking forward to your joining him for the show!

Elvis Lester in the MindFirst Studio
Taking Care of Trance In a Flash!

Visit us on Vimeo - ExecuLearn® Video Channel

Check us out on YouTube - Free Video Channel

FaceBook - Elvis' Notes - hundreds of notes on Elvis' techniques & technics (system) for change & trance. Audio as well are included in some of the notes.

Announcing the birth of Tranceland™ Productions!

TranceLand.com - Visit to preview music (for sale) and listen to Elvis' creations with the excellent music - HypnoSonics.

Tranceland™ Productions is "Taking Care of Trance in a Flash"! Elvis Lester & Howard Helm have teamed up to create and produce music that will provide a backdrop for deep reflection, hypnotic experience and a soundscape for trance enthusiasts. Howard and Elvis have begun this adventure to provide superb music that is of the utmost quality to extend the power and impact of hypnotic trance and deep reflection. Whether you use our music for self-hypnosis, as a backdrop to your hypnotic sessions with your clients or for your personal rejuvenation, you will develop a deep appreciation for what both Howard and Elvis are undertaking at Tranceland™ Productions.

Breaking News! We have New CDs available!

OVer 60 minutes of hypnotic trance music for use with your clients and in your hypnosis practice on each album. We now have 5 albums to choose from AND another 2 on the way. The music is recorded and produced in studio using high fidelity sounds and instruments. The quality is unbelievable! Go to http://www.tranceland.com for more infomration and to order your downloads now

Elvis Lester & Howard Helm in Studio - the dynamic duo behind
Tranceland™ Productions

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To contact Elvis at the MindFirst™ Studios, call 813-752-8400 or Email Elvis direct.
You & he will be glad you did!
Thank You! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

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