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Personal and Professional Coaching with Elvis

NOW YOU CAN receive Personal Coaching, and/or take a "Training In Excellence" with Elvis Lester, Creator and Developer of NeuroTechnics™, Licensed Master Trainer and Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis and "First-Ever" Licensed NLP Change Master™ (Society of NLP).

At the very core of Elvis' Coaching Programs resides MindFirst™ Training and Conditioning, what we refer to as Neurocise® - Coaching (and education) services to access your higher powers of mind geared towards living your life with more passion, presence, power and poise. With Elvis' coaching you will personally achieve a working knowledge and skill at utilizing the accelerated communication and performance "models" of NLP, Hypnosis and his systematic approach to achieving higher performance, Neurocise®. You will do so for your self first and then apply the resources, states, strategies and skill within the other environments you determine most beneficial. You will be provided advanced and accelerated skills you will acquire nowhere else. The expertise available from the models that Elvis has designed and integrated will help you to tailor your coaching specifically to develop your "system" of sensing-thinking-feeling-willing-acting.

Elvis makes it very clear from the 'get go' that coaching is NOT about dealing with "ILLNESS", "mental health disorders" or diagnosed problems. IT IS ABOUT HEALTH and WEALTH, well-being, excellence and enhancement. That's one of the reasons it is so effective and highly attractive. It provides you the avenue to positively "welcome", embrace and address performance issues and move towards improvement and self-development for personal growth and maximum achievement.

The primary agenda is to provide you the assistance in "knowing" specifically what it is you want to accomplish or achieve in your personal life, your worklife, family and relationships, etc. and motivating and directing you to "take action" strategically (how) to make it happen in a manner that is well-balanced, highly effective AND PLEASURABLE FOR YOU personally. That's right! FUN and DIFFERENT! Not a canned or pre-packaged set of actions or agenda but one that is custom designed, tailored and optimized and delivered to your specifications.

With Elvis, You will LEARN HOW TO:

Positively influence self and others. Go First! MindFirst!
Enjoy your Life, Work and Play more fully and vivaciously.
Rid your self of unneeded and unwanted stresses and emotions so that you can relax like you haven’t in a long time virtually effort free! and I mean that :>)
Intentionally improve your emotions and focus your attention on what you want!
Right now!
Optimize your mind and master how you run your own brain!
Emanate productive and enjoyable communications and emotions...
Live by design with more intention to get what you really want in life.
Achieve "Peace of Mind" about your life, work and time. You deserve it!
Because You CAN!
Enhance your Performance and Increase Productivity...
Come Alive and Produce More and DO MORE BETTER!
Discover powerful, yet simple, ways to live life and work more pleasure-fully!

Most all coaching is either conducted through one-to-one contacts either in-person, by telephone or via the internet. A combination of learning and deliberate practice will be designed just for you to create a 'model of excellence' for your growth and establish multiple pathways to mastery for your development personally, professionally and relationally. You Bet!

Elvis Lester invites you to "TAKE POSITIVE ACTION NOW" and seize the opportunity to participate in Coaching that focuses on what works, in a secure, safe and totally encouraging and outrageously motivating environment. You owe it to yourself to access these powerful resources and acquire this knowledge and put it into application in your life right now! Don't you!?!

For more information on coaching with Elvis call 1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466. Elvis will be happy to personally discuss your specific needs, the program and answer any question you may have regarding how coaching can maximize achievement for you personally, professionally and relationally. 

Relationship Coaching
MindLife Balancing™
Performance Coaching and Consulting
Leadership and Management Development
Employee Performance Improvement

Elvis Lester
1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466
Email Elvis



Trancework - Hypnosis
Private Sessions

Experience Trance - Find out how you personally experience and DO trance.

Learn Self-Hypnosis - Individual and group sessions

Do Trancework - Make powerful changes in your life and your relationships or performance.

Get Supervision - Learn how to "do hypnosis" and trancework.

Visit TranceLand! - Download sample mp3's to experience trance at your convenience.

Personal & Professional Changework

Evolving Self and Transforming Relationships, Behaviors and ultimately Performance

The very first thing we will do for you is determine what it is that you DO want and begin to focus upon how you can make it happen in your life. We will assist you in removing any barriers or binds, block or limitations so that you can take action daily to get what you desire to transpire in your life and relationships at work, at home and at play. The changework that you participate in is highly influenced by NLP and hypnosis and is done specifically with your goals and outcomes in mind. By tailoriing our work with you towards what it is that you are thinking and feeling and doing in mind, how you are responding and reacting, we quickly utilize your system, your information and help you integrate the necessary learnings and understandings of how you can improve your life and get desired results. Then, they key is to get you to take the necessary action - to put into force (and PLAY) the states, strategies and skills (and sequence) that will work for you to achieve desired state outcomes and directions. Of course, we are here to support you and to assist you in making adjustments and "add and edit" along the way so that you achieve just the right mix and blend of solutions to help you get what you are going for.

Changework using NLP and Hypnosis and the Solution-Focus is powerful and life-changing and it works. That is what you would expect. Is it not?!

Professional and Organizational Changework

Modeling, Training and Coaching - Complete System to Unite your Teams and Leadership and maximize performance

Top-Down Modeling and Consulting to Impact Bottom-line and Drive Hi-ROI

Align Organizational iVIBES (Identity-Values-Intentions-Beliefs/Benefits, Expectations and Strategies) with Employee iVIBES

Develop/Implement Intentional Plans of Action

Condition Associated States, Strategies and Skills - Success Sequencing

Enhancing Team Fit, Fix and Function – F5 Role-Modeling

Contact Elvis by phone: 813-221-5466
Email Elvis
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I personally invite you to take advantage of my mentoring program where you will learn how to apply NLP, hypnosis and Neurocise®, my most effective changework, hypnosis and related models/technics. If you want to design an accelerated and advanced program for yourself so that you integrate these most powerful technologies into your work, this is the opportunity you should take advantage of.

What we will do is design a model that will meet you where you are and take you beyond what you thought possible. I will personally provide you coaching, training and consulting services. I will also (for some) co-train and co-promote trainings and related services. That's right. Someone you can learn from (and with) that will take the time to detail what we do so that it fits for you and what it is you are dreaming of accomplishing and doing in your life and careers.

I truly welcome you to take advantage of your first session with me for FREE. This one-on-one contact will reveal what's most important for you in your development and your evolution. Believe it! Then, we can determine how I can be of service to you that will accelerate (and trancelerate) your development and improve your performance in ways that you may not have even expected. I will take all the time you need to identify how to help you improve and exceed your own performance expectations.

Call or email today and make the initial investment to schedule a time we can meet or talk one-on-one.

Come learn with me and breakthrough to the next and higher level of performance and productivity and pleasure. I look forward to hearing from many of you soon!

Click here for information on the NLP Pro Membership which includes the best deal on mentoring which includes training, webinars, Coaching & Identity Compass personal inventory (thinking-preferences) & much more.

Elvis Lester

1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466
Email Elvis

Mentoring is provided for:

NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners

Trainers , Public Speakers and those desiring to learn Advanced NLP Stage Skills

Co-Training and Co-Promoting

Hypnosis and NLP & NOW - NEUROCISE®

Mastering Changework and Trancework
Coaches, Counselors and HypnoTherapists

See the .pdf of the IMNLP Memberships now!

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